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How to start designing your office space

//How to start designing your office space

Before any purchases are made, before you get overwhelmed by Pinterest ideas, start your vetting process with a short list of companies that give complimentary, in-person consultations. Regardless if you have a small or large project, find a company that will see you through the whole process.

From start to finish, your partnership with an office solutions company should look like this:

  1. In-person evaluation of your office area, including room measurements
  2. Review samples of various products and materials
  3. Review floor plan layout options; narrow down to single design; make finish selections
  4. Review final proposal, which should include detailed CAD drawings and 3D renderings
  5. Delivery and installation

Every office environment is unique.
Make sure you select a company that listens to your specific needs, your design requirements, and ultimately will optimize your space in an efficient and cost effective manner. If you have multiple spaces that have a variety of needs — for example, if you need to outfit a reception area, conference rooms, executive offices, as well as organize a warehouse — it would be beneficial to find an office solutions company that can outfit all your spaces, and support any future needs.

What does the future hold?
You’re creating functional office space to facilitate your company growth, right? Be sure to begin a relationship with a office solutions company that can grow with you and can offer solutions for emerging trends, such as sit-stand desks and workplace ergonomics to help improve employee well-being.

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